Britespark Films and Discovery Channel are working on a documentary that features the Teton Dam disaster of 1976 when the newly completed dam burst.

“The plan was to fill it over the course of two years … with all that runoff the dam was full,” Tietjen said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio.

The dam had visible leaks and many attempts were made to repair and keep it standing, but it eventually gave in to the unexpected amount of water on June 5, 1976. The disaster and resulting flood claimed 11 lives and caused millions in damages, and flood lines can still be seen today on some of the buildings that were standing at the time.

“When you come into the museum there is a plaque on the wall that shows you how high the water was in the building,” Tietjen said.

The Romance Theater on Main St. has a water line that was discovered by Rexburg’s Cultural Arts Department. It’s now framed for people to see.

Tietjen will be coordinating with Lara Morgenstern from Britespark Films for the production of the documentary.

You can learn more about the documentary by visiting their website here: