BYU-Idaho Radio · Take the Reins uses horses to help others learn valuable leadership skills

Take the Reins is a program geared toward middle school-aged students that teaches them leadership development, life skills learning, and making wise decisions in avoiding drugs and alcohol, all through working with horses.  

Amanda Kumiko Kent, director of Take the Reins, started this program in the fall of 2021. She loves working with younger ages and is passionate about guiding them in the right direction. 

“These are doing ground exercises side by side with horses to help coach someone along in their decision making so they can get some feedback on how their actions and choices affect those around them,” Kent said.  

A horse-lover since birth, Kent has been involved in equine training for many years. She also has other programs that she offers for adults. 

One of those programs is Speak Up, which invites people with passions to “speak up” and practice speaking about their passion. The catch is that instead of talking about it in front of people, they practice in front of horses. The horses react in various ways that can help give the speaker more confidence in speaking about their passions with their own voice.  

Kent has other programs that help build team unity and leadership skills. 

To find out more about other services and programs Kent offers, you can visit her website at: