18-year-old Ethan and 21-year-old Ernie Lozano own and operate a local thrift store called Superlame Vintage in Rexburg. The thrift store opened in June of this year and is already gaining public notice.

Superlame Vintage carries 70s, 80s, 90s vintage-style that is locally sourced and distributed. The store is closed Mondays and Tuesdays, so Ernie and Ethan can travel to hunt for their next round of vintage attire. It is open Wednesday–Friday from 5 p.m.–8:30 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m.–4 p.m.

Despite their current business endeavors, thrifting has not always been a passion for these ambitious brothers. In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Ernie shared how their love for thrifting sparked with their mom’s passion for decorating and antiquing.

“When we were young, I mean we practically like lived at the DI. We were consistently there like 4 to 5 times out of the week. At the beginning, me and [Ethan] like really hated it…We were really against going to the DI’s. We would stay in the car.” Ernie said.

He explained that his attitude toward thrifting changed once classmates started noticing his style and complimenting his thrift finds. From this, he began to see the value in getting quality clothes for bargain prices.

After finding a small, streetside venue by a State Farm, Ethan and Ernie opened their doors for business. At first, they were concerned about low-traffic months since they opened in the summer when less students attend the university, but they were happily surprised at the community support starting out.

Ethan and Ernie love promoting local bands and "giving creatives a platform," one of the main goals of Superlame Vintage. They have hosted band concerts in their thrift store becasue of their love for music and with the hope that band audiences will take well to their vintage style. 

“What we really try to cultivate at the store is a community because I feel like it is niche to like vintage clothing…What we’ve cultivated at our store is we have a place where these like-minded people can meet and these creative people can meet and get stuff done,” he said.

The Lozano brothers are hoping to redefine the way people view Rexburg. They want to bring to light the fashion kings and queens of the city and emphasize the growing music scene found here right in our backyard. They hope Superlame Vintage will contribute to the value of Rexburg in a positive way.

Superlame Vintage thrift store is located at 46 N 2nd E Rexburg, ID. Deals and store hour updates are posted on social media. More information about Superlame Vintage thrift store can be found on their Instagram page.