As BYU-Idaho begins a new semester in a new year, BYU-Idaho Radio wanted to know what types of things are available to students to get involved on campus. 

BYU-Idaho Student Involvement Director Samantha Carey at Student Support has volunteered on campus and said the experience changed her life. She said it has also given her the ability to enjoy BYU-Idaho even more. 

“I volunteered for things and then I met some really cool people,” she said. “I got involved and now I love college because of all these things I’ve been able to do but it all started from volunteering.” 

Carey said she can see the difference it has made in her life, comparing it to her first semester when she hadn’t started being involved on campus. Student Support is always looking for more people who want to help and share their ideas to make BYU-Idaho a great opportunity for everyone.  

Last semester, the Student Support Office created an Involvement Center, which is in front office of the Student Support Office, where students can go and get help getting involved.