BYU-Idaho Radio · Candidate for Idaho Legislature Stephanie Mickelsen talks about regulation and issues facing farmers

For ranchers and farmers, politics can have a big impact. Stephanie Mickelsen hopes to bring her experience in farming and public service to the table as an Idaho State Representative for District 32.  

As a farmer herself, Mickelsen keeps in contact with local leaders and works to advocate for farmers. She served as president of the Bonneville County Farm Bureau and currently serves as an Idaho Farm Bureau director. Through her experience, Mickelsen has learned the importance of communication with government leaders.  

“I have learned… how important it is for farmers to be engaged in the political process,” Michelsen said. “We are less than 3% of the population but 100% of us eat every single day.” 

When it comes to state and federal government, Mickelsen is bothered by what she sees as excessive government regulation. She and her husband have noticed an increase in state and federal regulation since they started farming 34 years ago.  

“As a business owner and operator, you’re expected to be able to keep up with all these regulations that get put into place,” Mickelsen said. “It becomes so burdensome that it almost takes a full-time person just to keep track of the regulations.” 

Mickelsen is also troubled by increasing property taxes in Idaho. She is open to using the state general fund for education to provide local property tax relief.  

“We really need to look at making sure that we don’t tax somebody out of a home that they have owned for most of their adult life,” Mickelsen said.  

As a state representative, Mickelsen says she would work to protect local control and represent the citizens of District 32. She emphasizes that she would represent the people, and not special interests.  

“It’s time for me to give back to the county that has given us so much,” Mickelsen said.