Sports changes coming to BYU-Idaho Radio this fall.

The BYU-Idaho Sports Activities Program is undergoing some changes for the upcoming semester. In July, the Sports Activities program began releasing its campaign for the changes coming this fall. Posters around campus feature the words, “join, pay, play.” It’s unclear what that really means.

Activities director Justin Garner says the biggest change in the program is the software.

“The sports changes are really not as big as they may seem,” he said. “For a long time we’ve charged for sports. Primarily the changes you’re seeing is in the software. It will help make it easier for students.”

The posters feature emphasis on the word “pay” but students have always paid for sports on campus. Depending on the sport, the fees are around $5 to $20. Now, students can use one app for every activity within the sports activities department. You can even sign up for appointments with the Wellness Center in the John W. Hart Building.

The new software will be available for use online and in the app. Students can sign up for sports, activities and more.

There will be a marketing campaign in the coming weeks as school starts. The department is in the middle of implementing the new program and software and will have it running in time for the fall semester.

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