“Yea, today, if ye will hear his voice,” is BYU-Idaho Special Collection’s theme for the new exhibit opening May 2 at 2 p.m. The scripture comes from Jacob 6:6 in The Book of Mormon.

“The purpose of the exhibit is how we interact with The Book of Mormon in our lives,” Sam Richardson, student lead of Special Collections said.

Special Collections will have events and activities throughout the semester that are centered on The Book of Mormon. Some of those activities include a movie night about The Book of Mormon and “Family Home Evening” nights. This is where students and families can schedule a night in the week to come and learn more about The Book of Mormon and participate in games.

Katie Walker, advertising and design specialist of Special Collections has enjoyed creating the posters for the exhibit. She said they decided to focus on simplicity, familiarity and universality when choosing a design for the exhibit.

The design of the exhibit is to remind people what The Book of Mormon is about, Richardson said.

Each poster illustrates silhouettes of different individuals from The Book of Mormon. “They allow us to kind of put ourselves in the situations and see ourselves in those scenes just how we’re supposed to immerse ourselves,” Walker said. “The colors and the imagery really tie along with what is in the exhibit.”

Throughout the semester, people will have an opportunity to touch the original pages of a first edition copy of The Book of Mormon. Richardson explained that people will see water marks on pages from pioneers crossing the plains.

“I feel like the Special Collections is more than just for history majors, it’s because history is something that we can all relate to, whether it be family history, our church history or how we interact with The Book of Mormon, it’s something we can all relate to,” Richardson said.

The open house is May 2, from 2-7 p.m. Mark Bennion from the English Department will speak from 7-8 p.m. about poetry and The Book of Mormon.

Professors at the university who speak Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and French will also address community members and students. “They are going to come and talk about how significant words or phrasing in The Book of Mormon is in different languages and how you can understand it better,” Richardson said.

Special Collections invites anyone to come and learn more about The Book of Mormon. Their exhibit that will last through the end of summer.