It's official! Sonic Drive-In is coming back to Rexburg and is opening on Labor Day.

After pulling out of Rexburg in 2010, Sonic is opening its doors for business at their new location on 210 North 2nd East Street.

Ryan Timmons, who heads marketing and human resources for Sonic, says that he's glad to be back.

"We just didn't feel that it would be a great fit in the community at that point," Timmons said, referring to the decision to leave Rexburg almost six years ago, "with the climate being as it is."

Timmons said that the cold Idaho winter weather was the main factor in ending the business in Rexburg, but when Arctic Circle closed its doors earlier this year, it was time for Sonic to make a return.

It's not known what the purchase price was for the building, but Sonic has reportedly spent over one million dollars in upgrades and renovation costs.

Timmons said that this will be the first Sonic Drive-In to have a play place, as well as a first in the Mountain West to have touch-screen menus outside.

When asked to respond to some people's views that this is just another burger and soda joint in Rexburg, Timmons said that Sonic is much more than that.

"For people that don't know Sonic very well, some people may say that it's just another burger chain, it's far from that."

Timmons pointed out that the menu is virtually endless. He explained that just because you don't see a specific item on the menu doesn't mean it exists. Take a peanut butter cheeseburger, for example.

"The cool thing about Sonic that it's not just a set menu... we're all about customizing. If I want a Super-Sonic Cheeseburger, but instead of mayonnaise I want peanut butter on it, if we've got it here we can put it on."

One thing that Timmons says people surprisingly order customized items on a regular basis.

"One of our popular items is a chocolate Coke. It's chocolate syrup in Coke. I've never tried it to be honest, but people really, really love it."

You can make your own customized fast-food starting Monday, September 5th, in Rexburg.