Trying to find something fun to do in the snow? Idaho is known for its long winters and sometimes finding things to do can be difficult. One great idea is going for a sleigh ride at the Labelle Lake Ice Palace and roasting marshmallows over an open fire. If you are interested in doing this look no further. BYU-Idaho is selling tickets to students and their spouses to go have this experience. 

“It’s cheap and it’s something to do,” said Ezra Paxman, a student lead in the Outdoor Activities Department. "It’s something different, get outside put on your gloves and experience nature. Going on outdoor activities one of the best things is when you are with all these cool people, good vibes, and positive attitude, you have a good time.” 

After the ride, you get to stop for a little treat as well. There is music along with lights and fire shows to enjoy. 

“You can go back and go and explore all over the ice palace,” said Hannah Smith, another student lead in the Outdoor Activities Department. "They have two different fire shows that they do. One where he is a fire spinner and the other one is a fire breather. Those shows happen every thirty minutes. It’s kind of one of those activities where we bring the students and we set everything up for them and then let them go and explore everything on their own.”  

Smith said this is a unique experience because there aren’t many ice palaces, castles or other ice structures nearby. Plus, you get the experience of a sleigh ride. 

Tickets cost $10 a person and are available at the ticket office in the Manwaring Center or go online to Dress appropriately for the winter weather if you go.