In this interview with Mike Whitworth, we talk about what it means to do simple things to grow your testimony on the gospel. Whitworth also describes how it felt to have his prayers answered while building a church building in Sitka, Alaska in the middle of winter. 

“You knew the Lord was watching out for you, and he was taking care of you,” said Whitworth. 

Whitworth explains a piece of his talk where he said, “The gospel is simple, not easy.” He describes the difference and gives some analogies. 

Whitworth said, “we sometimes feel like doing. The more we do, the better things will be, and we forget that the gospel is very simple. It doesn’t take me doing everything perfectly because our savior sacrificed for us. When we do make mistakes, he has [the Atonement] available for us to return to him.” 

One may also wonder what exactly the Pre-Media Lead for Print and Copy Services does. Whitworth goes into the details of what he does on a daily basis, from designing posters to printing them. Students and staff routinely see these posters framed all around campus.