On Tuesday, August 18Harold Rose, the bowling, skating, and gaming supervisor at BYU-Idaho, spoke during a BYU-Idaho Devotional for the Summer Session. 

His talk was entitled, “Shh… Be Still.” Hspoke about the importance of being still and making time to really listen to the spirit and its prompting from the Lord. 

“As each challenge would arise, I found that the first requirement to find a resolution was to be still,” Rose said, “By being still for a moment, I found it easier to listen for a prompting from the Holy Ghost to help me know what to do. 

Rose shared in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio that his answers are usually direct. He said it had to do with his unique personality.  

To have the Spirit just point blank tell me things is just for me; that’s what I need,” he said. “I am grateful that the Spirit has always been loud and direct with me in its direction.” 

Rose shared the experience from his own life about bull riding and how he got the inspiration that serving a mission was what the Lord wanted for his life. He decided to forget his mission in the pursuit of becoming a professional bull rider. After a personal experience he realized that he was supposed to be on a mission.  

“I had a friend that was a bull rider and I just always wanted to do that,” Rose said, “Later I found that Heavenly Father had a different plan for me.” 

Rose said that getting inspiration isn’t loud, and that by making a conscious choice to be quiet, people can hear the still small voice clearly.  

In addition to taking time to be still, Rose encouraged others to not only make a mental note, but a physical one.  

I just put a little note on my phone that sends it to me… or I’ll make a little note on my desk at work,” he said, “ Every time I see that, it just helps me keep that reminder at the forefront of my mind.”  

Rose encouraged listeners to remember to make time to be still in this busy and loud world. He said that life can be so loud, but by seeking the Lord by being still, He can know that we are ready to listen.