BYU-Idaho Radio · "Service Soothes Suffering" A Devotional by Roger Adams

During the BYU-Idaho Devotional on Oct6Roger Adams spoke about making Christ the center of our lives.  Adams is a senior software engineer and worked for BYU-Idaho for more than 20 years.  

He spoke about the importance of not only giving service, but also receiving it.  

Service soothes the suffering of those being served and service soothes the suffering of those doing the serving. In either of these instances, the service only effectively soothes the suffering if the one being served is accepting of the service,” Adams said. 

Adams also shared a personal example of receiving service when he was undergoing cancer treatments. 

In the ensuing year I had to receive initial chemo and radiation treatments, followed by life-changing but life-saving surgery, and finally hard-hitting chemotherapy treatments,” he said. I was literally knocked off my feet… Humbled in our situation, we acquiesced and allowed others to serve us. They were as angels sent from above. Service did soothe our suffering.” 

BYU-Idaho Radio · Interview with Devotional Speaker Roger Adams

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Adams shared why he chose this topic.  

I think the topic came fairly easily, because it’s been something that has always been a part of us, but in the past several years, we have had it really come to a more of a focus as far as receiving service rather than just giving it,” Adams said.