The Seniors Solutions Christmas Parade is a holiday outreach which brings live music, Christmas treats and human conversation to the doorsteps of the elderly with low mobility or without family in the area for the holidays. 

“Wintertime is a very challenging time for a lot of seniors. You know, when you’re around the holidays you think of, ‘Well, my kids don’t live at home anymore’ or ‘My spouse passed away.’ It’s kind of a time of reflection and it’s hard. Plus, there’s quite a few seniors that their health isn’t good, so they’re shut in…Really, we still feel like there’s a lot of seniors that would benefit from music and from the interaction,” said Senior Solutions owner Chanse Powell. 

The parade starts on Dec. 4. Seniors are added to music routes through nominations which can be made through requesting a flyer with a QR code for the nomination form or by calling the office at 208-821-0955. The deadline for nominations is Nov. 23. 

Senior Solutions also engages in holiday letter writing to help brighten the season. Volunteer musicians and community members can get involved with these Christmas service efforts by visiting 

Christmas Parade Flyer with QR code