Our senior citizens have had diverse life experiences. Now, they’re getting the chance to share those in an upcoming talent show specifically designated for our older generation. 

It’s happening Saturday, Dec. 7 at the Idaho Falls Senior Center and is hosted by Senior Solutions, a senior health care consulting firm. The event is free to attend and is open to the public, even if you don’t know anyone performing. 

Pitmaster BarBQue and Crumbl Cookies will provide refreshments for free, as well. It runs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday.  

Kami Shepherd, a public relations student at BYU-Idaho who is working with Senior Solutions as a part of a student public relations campaign, spoke with BYU-Idaho Radio about the event. 

She said the talent show is designed to flip the script on the usual presentations on health care, insurance and otherwise commonly given to the seniors at care centers. Shepherd said Senior Solutions wants the seniors to be “the stars of the show” this time. 

“This weekend we wanted to change the scene a little bit,” Shepherd explained. “They’re going to be showing off the talents that they have and [they’ll] be able to show everything that they’ve been working on their entire life that maybe has never been showcased.” 

Those talents include paintings done on rock, poetry, joke-telling, singing of patriotic songs, carving knives out of antlers, and a performance by “The Old-time Fiddlers.”  

“It’s such a unique event that Idaho Falls has to offer,” Shepherd said of the talent show.  “It’s nothing that has been done before, and it’s giving an opportunity for these seniors that we love and care for in the community to be able to express themselves.” 

“Friends for Learning” will also be at the event to showcase opportunities for expanded learning opportunities for senior citizens. 

Senior Solutions will hold a raffle of gift cards for local businesses and various home items. Everyone who attends gets a free raffle ticket, plus one more for liking Senior Solutions on Facebook. Additional raffle tickets can be purchased—the only cost associated with the event. 

“We really wanted to focus on being able to give back,” Shepherd said. “These seniors that are coming to participate—they’ve given so much to this community, and this is the small ‘thank you’ we can give.” 

For more information visit the Senior Solutions Facebook page.