A Rigby High School senior is one of six semifinalists from Idaho for the Presidential Scholars Program.

“It’s a great honor, and I’m really excited,” said Megan Clements.

This program recognizes and honors students from around the country who excel in their academic performance, leadership skills and creative art accomplishments.

Clements explained that the specific parameters for qualifying for the Presidential Scholars Program include ACT/SAT scores, student’s GPA and their leadership involvement in school and the community.

Throughout high school, Clements has participated in art classes, clubs, service projects and band. She played the trumpet and tuba from her freshman to junior year.

One of Clements’ favorite service projects in high school was making bibs for children in Africa. “It’s kind of fun to imagine how it would help people and it’s nice to be able to see specifically what it will do,” she said.

Clements created an ASL (American Sign Language) club when she was a freshman and has been involved in it for around four years. She was inspired to start the club because she is legally deaf. She said it was difficult for her to make friends when she got to high school and decided it would be a good opportunity to help others know about her challenges and how they can learn to communicate with those who have differences.

Something that has helped Clements overcome this obstacle is being involved in sports. She has played soccer and participated in track since her sophomore year. She loves that she can interact with the students outside and make friends.

She continues to have a positive outlook, “It’s made me who I am, and it’s made me a better person overall.”

In the next few weeks two students will be selected from Idaho as the finalists for the Presidential Scholars Program. In June, two students from each state will go to Washington, D.C. and be given their achievement award at the White House.

Clements is grateful for the support of her parents. She said they always encourage her to do her best. “I like to know they are supporting me no matter what happens, and it’s been a fun celebration in my family the last few weeks,” Clements said.