Jonathon Lawrence, the University Relations Creative Services Manager, gave a devotional address at BYU-Idaho September 27, 2016. His address focused seeking the will of the Lord in all things focusing on three aspects: prayer, the atonement, and prior assurance.

With prayer he focused on how it is a blessing for us to be able to speak with the most powerful being in the universe and it is an opportunity for us to listen as well as receive answers to our prayers. When we get those answers, it is important that we act upon them and trust God to follow through. He reminded us that God always hears us but does not respond immediately because it is not his timing.

Lawrence's second principle that he discussed on was the atonement. He compared to using the atonement to using a dishwasher that can clean anything but the dishwasher is obsolete when we don't turn it on. He mentioned that repenting means to change, even if we did not commit sin we should still repent to align our will to God's.

His third and final topic was prior assurance. With this point he shared an example from his personal life when he and his wife first got married and his wife received revelation that they would have twins. After four children and no twins they began to lose hope. However, they remembered the revelation that they had and kept holding on. Sure enough, when they had their next child they were informed that they were having twins.

He concluded with a reminder that God loves us and we can find His blessings through living the gospel and the temple.

You can listen to the full devotional below and also listen to an interview with Lawrence with student reporter Myles Primm. Click here to watch the video or read the full transcript.