Fremont School District 215 is delaying the start of school with plans to return in-person after Labor Day.  


Superintendent of Fremont School District, Byron Stutzman, has implemented a new learning management system. Staff and teachers are learning and prepping for the launch of the new system during the extra weeks.  


“We need time to make sure that we have got it in place and can do it well before we throw kids into this mix,” he said. 


Stutzman said the new platform will be unified throughout grades K-12. He said it will be easier for parents of multiple children to manage one system for getting schoolwork instead of having different systems for different teachers and age groups.  


“We want it to be a one-stop shopping, so that it is easy to understand and easy for parents and students,” he said, “We want to make sure that they both have ease of learning and that we make it as good for them as we can.” 


This system is in place so the district will be able to work with students at home or in the classroom.  


“It will allow us if the students do show symptoms or need to stay home for some reason, they will be able to continue their education,” Stutzman said.  


Stutzman said his biggest concern is school safety and that students and employees feel safe at work. He said this new and uncharted obstacle is providing a new challenge to educators. He hopes parents can feel comfortable sending their kids to class.