Tomorrow marks the beginning of the second annual RizeCon event, a two-day gathering of business people, government officials and non-profit leaders from across Idaho. The event’s stated vision is, “Become More, Live Higher, Elevate Your Business.”

It’s slated to be held at the Chief’s Event Center in Fort Hall Thursday and Friday, Nov. 7-Nov. 8. Tickets must be purchased in advance and are available at

Ryan Harris, founder of RizeCon, said the event was created out of a need—a need created by the lack of connection he saw in business owners and how they interact in East Idaho.

Harris said, last year’s event “brought together some of the top business leaders in the community [and] gave them the opportunity to speak to other businesses in this region to try to unify.”

Harris said he sees a disconnect between businesses and between the cities of Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and Pocatello as whole cities.

“We’ve seen in the last 10 years, even more often than not, today, there’s business owners in [those regions with] what I would consider to be an ‘invisible wall’ between those cities,” Harris said. “Business owners typically don’t do business together. They don’t open the bounds and the doors to really communicate more effectively.”

This year’s event aims to focus especially on personal development for entrepreneurs and business owners. Harris mentioned concepts to be covered include leadership, giving back to the community, and emotional intelligence.

Keynote speakers at the event include Jeff Newgard, President and CEO of Bank of Idaho; Alex Boye, international artist and musician, and world-renowned negotiation expert, Katie Liljenquist.

A variety of masterclass sessions will also be held at the event covering topics such as education, small business growth, working with local government, and more. Also featured at the event will be a community engagement discussion and a state of small business panel.

In explaining why he worked to create RizeCon and to involve himself in business, Harris said, “My life has always been around trying to be a provider of value to every relationship that I create, every situation I’m a part of, and giving to people more than what they ever expect in return.”

RizeCon is part of what Harris called the “RiseX Movement.” For more information on the events and what else the group is working on, visit