BYU-Idaho President Henry J. Eyring and his wife Sister Kelly Eyring spoke about overcoming opposition, the importance of learning in mortality, and seeing the world with optimism in their devotional addresses today on the campus of BYU-Idaho.

In her talk, Sister Eyring talked about some of the times she has seen opposition strengthen herself and others. She told students some of the things she does to help her pass through trials.

“When I am doing something difficult it is helpful to envision my desired outcome,” she said. “Some of our envisioning will require a lifetime of hope and faith. But, for now, I encourage you to envision your success this semester.”

President Eyring focused his remarks on gaining spiritual power, learning to serve others, and seeing God’s hand in our lives.

He spoke about the lessons he has learned through the experience of learning to water ski. In his talk, President Eyring explained that it took him plenty of failed attempts before he was able to successfully get on top of the water while water skiing.

He said the key to his success was “increased faith in the instructions given by a boat captain [he] trusted.” President Eyring also said, “Our Earth is a divinely designed laboratory, an earthly classroom.”

In speaking with BYU-Idaho Radio in an interview before the devotional, President Eyring expounded on some of the thoughts surrounding his talk.

“We are very blessed to be among the few who know that this is a learning laboratory perfectly designed to stretch us but to strengthen us,” he said.

In his talk, President Eyring spoke about his experience keeping a daily journal. He took the time to expand on that experience during his interview with BYU-Idaho Radio.

He said he likes to review his day by asking questions like: “What really did happen? Was it all good? Was it all bad? What was the mixture? and What might Heavenly Father doing there…to stretch me in a way that might be beneficial?”

President Eyring said answering questions like that has helped him keep a mindset of looking for God’s hand in his daily life.

In that same interview, Sister Eyring explained some of the things that influenced her talk, and she praised BYU-Idaho as a place where resources for helping each of us grow abound. In reference to overcoming opposition, she said, “There is excitement in learning and doing difficult things.”