Will Rexburg get a rec center? Rexburg residents and city leaders have been discussing the topic for years. Now the Recreation Department is moving forward with community surveys.

The department will begin by mailing a statistically valid survey. Then, all residents will have the opportunity to complete an online survey.  

Rexburg Recreation Director Jeff Crowther says the surveys are an important first step. He believes the studies will answer questions about how much the community is willing to pay, and which amenities they value the most.

Although Crowther doesn’t know exactly what features the center would offer, he has noticed community support for indoor aquatics.

"Indoor aquatics is definitely high on the list, so we kinda anticipate that that's probably going to come back pretty strong on the feedback from the community,” Crowther said.

An aquatic rec center would especially benefit residents during cold winter months. Parents with young kids have expressed to Crowther how helpful an indoor rec space would be.

"They enjoy living here, they love the summers,” said Crowther. “But then once the snow starts to fly, unless you’ve got a ski pass or a snowmobile or some way of staying active during the winter, it can be pretty difficult.”

The city held a virtual community meeting on March 10th to discuss the rec center and answer questions.

On March 22nd, the Recreation Department will post a recording of the meeting and answers to questions asked during the meeting on their website.