The Rexburg City Council approved the rebranding strategy presented at Wednesday’s council meeting. The new brand signature includes a logo, word mark, and soft typefaces chosen to communicate approachability and friendliness.               

The strategy reinforces Rexburg as a family-centered city by implementing a community logo along with the slogan “America’s Family Community.” 

The logo is made up of geometric shapes which form people of different shapes and sizes who represent the community body in the chosen colors of cyan blue and white. There are three variations of this brand mark that will appear where space permits. 

While rebranding usually takes up to two years to complete, lead designer Shawn Randall and his design team completed the rebrand proposal in eight weeks. He is confident the proposed changes will more clearly communicate Rexburg's values to those within and without the city. 

Under the direction of Mayor Jerry Merrill and the city council, this new logo will eventually appear on the city water tower, buildings, city letterheads and official documents, the city website, park trashcans and city work vehicles like garbage trucks.