On Saturday, July 4, Rexburg will have its inaugural fireworks show.

For most people living in Rexburg and other small towns and cities, the typical destination to see fireworks on the 4th of July is in Idaho Falls.  

The Melaleuca Freedom Celebration is heralded as one of the best fireworks shows in the Western United States. But, unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic forced the cancelation of that show, as well as a smattering of other nearby displays. 

These cancelations prompted Rexburg Mayor Jerry Merrill to contact John Adams, owner of John Adam’s GMC in Rexburg. 

“[The call] came to us from…the mayor through the [Rexburg] Chamber [of Commerce],” Adams said. “He asked if we’d be interested in trying to assist him with some fireworks.”

After the ball got rolling, we now have a 20 to 25-minute display planned at 10 p.m. on Independence Day. 

According to Adams, the fireworks will be launched from three different locations in Rexburg: The bench, near Rexburg Rapids and near the Teton Lakes Golf Course. 

The three locations will allow most anyone in Rexburg to watch from their homes since health officials still recommend social distancing.  

“We want people to enjoy a 4th of July in the comfort of their own homes,” Adams said. “We definitely want social distancing… we want to be safe…and feel safe.” 

Sand Hill Media Group, one of the sponsors, will play accompanying music during the show on 99.1 FM. 

Despite the surge of coronavirus cases in Idaho and throughout the country, there will be a way for people to celebrate our nation’s birthday, and that’s something that sits deep in the hearts of many locals and others across the country. 

“We have a right as Americans to enjoy our time…and this is our chance to show our freedom,” Adams said. “It’s a good focus on why we are who we are.”  

For more information about the event, visit the event page on Facebook. 

Adams said they plan to hold the show every year and they hope it gets bigger and better each year. 

The sponsors for the event include John Adams GMC, Madison County, the Rexburg Chamber of Commerce, Sand Hill Media Group and the City of Rexburg.