COVID-19 may still be running around, but the city of Rexburg doesn’t plan on stopping the fun anytime soon.  The city has several events planned for the month of February. 

Jed Platt, the creative arts director for Rexburg, told BYU-Idaho Radio about how the city creates and maintains that culture.   

Part of our job is to tell the story of our community, so we collaborate with the museum on that, he said. “We also have the Romance Theater, which is one of the city’s historic buildings.  We have some exciting programming planned for that building once we can congregate again.” 

Rexburg has had some fun events in the past. One in particular that has had a lot of success is Rexburg’s Got Talent, a talent show that encourages residents to showcase their fun and interesting talents.   

We have a wide variety of talent in our community that we try to showcase,” Platt said. 

Currently, the city is planning how to run the talent show this year with regards to the social distancing guidelines, as well as the renovations that the Romance Theater is currently undergoing. 

 The city is also planning to start a new monthly event called the “Art Stroll,” where residents get the opportunity to showcase art around different areas of downtown Rexburg. That event is planned to be held on the first Friday of every month starting this spring. 

February is usually looked at as a romantic month, with Valentine’s Day happening midway through. The city of Rexburg wants to celebrate that in a healthy way this year. 

“The activity is a community Valentine’s Day exchange,” Platt said. There will be a wall of mailboxes under the marquee of the Romance Theater from the 3rd to the 18th. You can create and leave a valentine, and also take oneIt’s just a way for us to stay connected as a community during a time of distancing that’s been very difficult for our population.” 

If you would like to see more information about upcoming events, or to learn of other’s happening soon, check out the city of Rexburg’s event calendar here.