Tuesday, the Rexburg Children’s Choir starts rehearsals again after finishing off its spring season in May. Ben Watson, the director of the group, started it in February after moving to Rexburg and looking for a choir to put his own children in. Not finding one that met his family’s needs he decided to start his own.


“I used to be a music teacher in the public education system up in Montana and I just love choral music and I love working with kids,” Watson said.


The success of the choir was surprising, Watson said there were more kids than he expected to join. The choir also made a music video he is very pleased with. Watson says he told a reporter he had a vison of the choir having a worldwide audience.


In May, the choir put out its first music video. The success of the video shows this is no longer a vison but a reality.


“Through several different iterations on social media it averages about 1,800 views a day and we aren’t in it for the views, we are in it to inspire people,” he said. “I want people outside of Rexburg to (experience that).”


Watson says they have plans to make more music videos and keep building their online audience.


“This is going to be a regular part of our choir experience, our professionally produced music videos.”


In addition to creating online content they also have an exciting Christmas concert planned.


“In June I reached out to Jenny (Oaks Baker) and asked if she would be willing to be a guest artist for our Christmas concert and she was very happy to say yes,” he said.


Watson says part of her excitement to perform with them might be due to the fact that she is also preforming with her children in the concert.


Directing a children’s choir of 100-150 kids involved can sound daunting, Watson says he has a method to keep everyone focused and working.


“We only have about 45 minutes maybe an hour, but I don’t go beyond that and I don’t stop,” he said. “I mean go! go! go! as soon as rehearsal starts we are moving, so it really doesn’t give the kids an opportunity to lose focus and it’s a workout! And I get kind of tired, but I love it!”


To join the choir for this fall season children need to be at practice September 10 at 5:30, since there will only be 12 practices until their Christmas concert with Jenny Oaks Baker and Family Four.