Rexburg offers many activities throughout the year for the community to learn, grow and have fun. COVID-19 has been a struggle for everyone but Jed Platt, the cultural arts director for the city of Rexburg said that growth could not stop. 

 “Things are different, but you can’t stop creativity, so we’ve had to think outside the box,” Platt said.  

 He said they’ve taken this time to complete maintenance on some of the buildings including the renovations on the Romance Theater lobby. Those renovations include the opening of windows so that outsiders could see in, new lightingnew carpet and much more. It will also be available as a separate venue from the auditorium. He said the space should be open during the afternoon as a welcome center for Rexburg so that people can see the renovations and learn about other things that are happening around town.  

 Platt said that Rexburg is in a tourism corridor due to visitors to the university and people driving through to go to Yellowstone National Park. He said that it provides a way to show off Rexburg’s history and allow people to get to know the town as they are passing though.  

Some upcoming activities include a year-long monthly art stroll beginning on the first Friday in JuneAs part of the art stroll there will be a hands-on activity during the art stroll. In June, this activity will be “Chalk the Block,” a chalk art competition. Other activities include a livestream concert from the Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra on May 27 and the Teton Dam Marathon on June 5.