BYU-Idaho Radio · Reading Center helps students meet academic goals

BYU-Idaho has several free tutoring services on campus, including The Reading Center, located on the second floor of the David O. McKay Library.  

The Reading Center offers help with study skills that help students achieve their desired grades. Such study skills are: note taking, reading comprehension, test-taking, time management and goal setting. 

Savannah Seagmiller, a tutor at the Reading Center, finds satisfaction in seeing students progress. 

“I’ve seen a lot of the students that I work with improve their grades, I’ve seen them become a lot more confident in their own abilities, in their own study skills and just in school in general and in academics,” Seagmiller said. 

At a first appointment, a student can anticipate expectations being set with their tutor and goals being made according to their needs. 

“Every student is different, everyone has different needs, so a first appointment will just be the student telling us what they need, us telling the students the expectations for the rest of the semester, and setting goals together,” Seagmiller said.  

The Reading Center offers two different programs to help students with academic success: a class known as Strategies for Academic Success and the Study Buddy program.  

The class Strategies for Academic Success can be taken as a one or two credit course. For the one credit course, a student is required to meet with a tutor once a week, and the two credit course requires a student to meet with a tutor twice a week. An accountability log is used during every appointment, which tracks the weekly progress of the student’s grades and other goals. A student can register for the class by using the course code “GS102r.” 

The Study Buddy program is not a registered course, however, it focuses on the same skill sets and is geared toward helping a student achieve academic success. A student can meet with a tutor one to two times per week, spending on the needs of the student. Students can sign up for the Study Buddy program by filling out a form at the Reading Center or online.  

For more information about the Reading Center, visit their website: