Romance Theater stage during Christmas Carol dress rehearsal, 2021.

Rexburg Community Theater’s production of the classic tale “A Christmas Carol” opens at the Romance Theater on Friday. 

Robbert Hibbard, drama teacher at Madison High School, is playing Ebeneezer Scrooge in the play. The production is based on Hibbard’s theatre adaptation of Charles Dickens’ original text. Hibbard revealed in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio that he decided to write an adaptation in order to maintain the integrity of the traditional story, straying away from the use of modern language as seen in other takes.

“In 2016, I sat down with Dickens’ book and wrote out my stage version, and my goal was to use only the characters and the language that Dickens uses because the modern stuff to me just didn’t fit in there and wasn’t right. And so, my adaptation is trying to stick as true to Dickens’ language and characters as I could. I think I’m like 99.5 percent,” Hibbard said. 

Playing Scrooge is a difficult role because of the level of character development he experiences in the course of a night. He goes from a reluctant hermit to an understanding old man. Hibbard admitted that this role is emotionally taxing and requires much of his energy to portray. 

Throughout the week, the cast has gathered for late-night dress rehearsals in preparation for showtime. They expect a full house each night of performance. Additional show dates include Dec. 11, 13, and 16–18. Curtains open at 7 p.m. Tickets can be purchased at for $8/ adult and $6/ child. Masks are not required. 

The stage cast for the Cratchit Family in the Christmas Carol.