The owners of a local quilt and fabric shop are sending homemade quilts to families who were directly impacted by the Uvalde Texas shooting. 

Fawn and Ron Hedelius are the owners of Quick Quilts, a shop in Rigby that opened in 1998. 

Fawn felt she needed to do something for the families who lost their children in the Uvalde Texas shooting, so she decided to make a handmade quilt for each child. 

Each quilt is custom-made with the respective child’s name monogrammed on the back and fabric with patterns and pictures of things the child liked. 

Fawn plans to deliver the quilts in person later this month with her son. 

“We just wanted people to have something that might be a wonderful memoir of their child that they lost,” Fawn said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio.  

She says she knows quilts can’t fill the void of the loss the families feel, but they can provide some comfort, especially during the holiday season, since this will be the first one the families will have without their loved ones. 

Even though Fawn is mostly blind in both of her eyes, she says she wants to keep using her quilting skills to serve others.  

“We do appreciate everybody who has helped because a project like this two people can’t do alone,” she said.