BYU-Idaho Radio · "Put Your Trust in God Continually" A Devotional by Amanda Kingsford

The BYU-Idaho devotional speaker on Dec. 8 was Sister Amanda Kingsford. She is an online hiring coordinator at BYU-Idaho. Kingsford spoke about the importance of trusting in Heavenly Father.  

“Every December, I trust we will have a white Christmas in Rexburg. Though usually terrified, I trust I will survive a roller coaster ride. And I trust my daughter will return my clothes when she is done dressing up for nerd day’. Confidence in our Heavenly Father is a special relationship of trust requiring continual connection with Him,” Kingsford said.  

Kingsford shared a couple stories from her life that demonstrate times she needed to trust in God. One experience she shared was when she was driving a long distance through a severe snowstorm. Through the snowstorm, Kingsford had to follow the faint taillights of the car ahead of her. She related this experience to following the light of Jesus Christ. 

“A wonderful cycle happens when we trust His light. The result is greater love and loyalty for Him. These feelings motivate us to eagerly create daily moments of unity with the Savior through kind acts, loving words, uplifting music, scripture study, fasting, family history, prayer, and the list goes on,” said Kingsford.When we plant daily seeds of connection with Christ, we reap the daily harvest of feeling His light, love, and peace.” 

BYU-Idaho Radio · An Interview with Devotional Speaker Amanda Kingsford

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio before the devotional, Kingsford shared how she chose her devotional topic.  

I am a mom of BYU-Idaho students, so the first thing I thought was, ‘What would I want my own children to hear and to know?’ I tell my own kids [to] trust in Heavenly Father, work as hard as you can, and things just tend to work out. So, that’s kind of where I started,” Kingsford said.