Rexburg based Proform Airborne jump rope team and other groups around the world are changing the way we think about jump rope. What once was an elementary school past time has evolved into an international sport.  

In fact, one of the coaches at Proform Airborne, Brita Lindstrom, has hopes that jump rope could become an Olympic sport. Last year the World Organization of Jump Rope signed a contract to show jump rope on NBC Olympics.  

“So hopefully within the next few summer Olympics just rope will be in there which would be really awesome,” Lindstrom said.  

Members of Proform Airborne have already made their mark around the world. The youth have received various invitations from Britain’s Got Talent to teaching in Bermuda to world championships. They have jumped in Portugal, Norway, Bermuda, England, Germany, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Columbia, Canada, China and all around the United States.  

For freestyle events, judges give scores based on tricks, difficulty, performance, mistakes and form. For speed and power competitions, scores are based on speed alone. 

Lindstrom says the jump rope community is small yet supportive. She says it is normal to cheer on competitors while waiting to compete, even at world championships.  

“It’s just such a good environment to be in,” Lindstrom said.  

To request an event performance or get involved with Proform Airborne, you can send a message to their Facebook page- @proformairborne.