Writing Ourselves: Essays on Creativity, Craft and Mormonism is a book of essays written and complied by Jack Harrell, a professor in the Department of English at BYU-Idaho.

Harrell said the essays are about his life, but also creativity and the creative process, and the connections between being a Mormon and being a creative person.

"The essays themselves were often prompted by my teaching," Harrell said.

He said the essays are in an order than flows with his life and with the concept of creativity.

Harrell said writing is always a challenge, but it always comes down to a situation when he has a question and doesn't know the answer.

"Especially since the essays were written over the course of the 20 years that I've been here...it comes down to having a question, not knowing the answer, and figuring out the answer in the writing process," Harrell said.

He urged students interested in writing to read any kind of writing: the Scroll, a history textbook, fiction, etc.
To learn more about Harrell's book, visit his website, www.jackharrell.net.

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