BYU-Idaho Radio · Devotional: President and Sister Eyring January 2023

This week’s BYU-Idaho devotional speakers, President Henry J. Eyring and his wife, Sister Kelly Eyring, touched on ministering to the one, the Spirit of Ricks and the concept of nurturing.  

“My constant prayer, and hope, is that you and I will use our divinely appointed gift of nurturing to ‘gather chickens’ under our ‘wings.’ In particular, BYU–Idaho can be a place where we gather to be nurtured, intellectually and especially spiritually,” President Eyring said. 

BYU-Idaho Radio · Interview with President and Sister Eyring

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, he talked about the magnificence of ministering on campus. He mentioned how he is impressed by the professors and how they personally meet and minister to their students, despite the large number of students on campus.  

“There’s a great premium of face to face and knee to knee experiences with one another and that’s when the Holy Ghost can really minister to us,” Eyring said.  

Sister Kelly Eyring talked about the “Spirit of Ricks” still felt at BYU- Idaho in her devotional talk.   

“You might hear the phrase, ‘The Spirit of Ricks’ around campus. It is a feeling of inclusivity and nurturing that has been specially cultivated at this school,” she said. “You can add to that by being a great friend to your classmates, and roommates. And don’t forget your professors.” 

In the interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, she encouraged students to share that spirit and the Savior’s love with others.  

“Once you’ve felt it (the spirit) and experienced it, it becomes part of you and as you go out, you may not even notice that you’re different, but people around you will take note and see it,” she said.