The 2nd Annual Idaho Preparedness Expo is taking place Saturday, September 16th at Rigby High School. The Expo will feature speakers who will share unique and affordable ways the people of Madison and Fremont County can prepare for natural disasters such as power outages, snowstorms, earthquakes and more.

Doug McBride, Marketing and Public Relations Officer for Madison Memorial Hospital shared with us the experiences they had and how the Expo was created.

Within a few hours of a power outage in Rexburg, many people were in the lobby of the hospital waiting to be treated. McBride realized there was another way to help these people than just a visit to the doctor, a more long term solution.

The First Expo provided people with the opportunity to learn affordable ways to prepare for such events but there were some pieces missing. After reviewing the Pros and the Cons of the Expo, McBride realized what need to be improved and how they could make their second year expo a greater success.

The speakers include experts from all backgrounds of survival experience including "Redneck Survival" which includes cheap survival skills with regular household items.

The event will go from 10-4 p.m. at Rigby High School. There is no fee.