The Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce along with Mayor Jerry Merrill joined the Potter family at their shop Potter & Co. for a celebratory ribbon cutting Tuesday. 

Terry and Becky Potter, the shop owners, originally operated a smaller storefront along Main St. in Rexburg but decided to upgrade to a bigger space when an adjacent site became available. 

“We’ve had our eye on this space for a year or two, but it just wasn’t quite right. The owner of the space approached us a month or two ago and said, ‘Hey, it’s available.’ And so, here we are,” Becky said. 

She takes pride in adding what she calls “the feminine touch” to the interior of the store. The rustic European influence can be seen in the racks of tailored clothes which sit atop grand throw rugs and original wood floors. Large wooden furniture signs with encouraging quotes are spread throughout.  

Terry and Becky’s son, Scott, helps with all aspects of the store from steaming clothes to working as the cashier. He modeled a few of his favorite pieces including English-made suede shoes and a structured coat reminiscent of Beatles fashion from 1965. His sister also shares a love for clothes as the owner of Love Olive Co. across the street. 

After serving his mission in Scotland, Terry was inspired to bring high-quality men’s clothing to Rexburg, where he judged was missing the charm of European fashion. 

“When I went out to look for some nice clothes, I wanted an improvement from what I saw, so I decided to be the improvement,” Terry said. 

For their grand opening, Potter and Co. is having a sale of 30% off all instore items. You can visit them at 56 E Main St. in Rexburg. You can also find them on Facebook by searching Potter and Co. shop or by visiting their website.