The Potato Box Derby in Rexburg which was advertised for this fall has been cancelled.

The Mayor's University Student Involvement Committee or MUSIC began brainstorming logistics for the derby last December but planning and execution took more time than expected.

MUSIC plans to regroup and advertise again for the derby next spring said Caleb Ward, a member of the committee.

“If we end up doing this in spring and we’re able to regroup and get this to happen again as part of Ok-tuber-fest next fall, that might be exciting. It’ll just depend logistically how spring goes,” he said.

City Councilman Jordan Busby has been working alongside MUSIC throughout the derby planning process. He projects that the derby will become a city tradition after its first year.

“We’re expecting a small number for the first year, but we hope it’s something that will be an annual thing that can draw people in from all over the area,” Councilman Busby said.

The patriotically named Potato Box Derby will involve homemade, gravity-powered derby cars equipped with wooden brakes and steering capabilities. Prizes will be awarded to the most artistic and the fastest derby car. 

BYU-Idaho Radio will follow up as more information becomes available. Updates about the derby will be posted here on our website.