After a lengthy stay at the suite underneath Northpoint Apartments in Rexburg, Port of Subs is now fully open for business a few clicks north. 

The new store is located at 121 E Main St in Rexburg. The store had its ribbon-cutting Thursday, July 2, and the grand opening festivities on July 1 and 2. 

“We’re pleased with how it’s turned out so far, and we hope it gets better and better,” Cory Sorensen, the Owner of Port of Subs, said. 

Sorensen said the move was prompted by the low revenue and high rent prices at their old location. 

“The rent [at our last location] was double what we are paying [at our new location],” Sorensen said. “We struggled at our old location…and so far, we are doing way better than we were at our old location.” 

Sorensen said they are seeing more customers and general foot traffic, all while dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The store has been operating with limited services since March 9, but the ribbon-cutting and grand opening were delayed due to COVID-19. 

Throughout the pandemic's various phases, Port of Subs has offered carry-out and delivery services, most notably, their partnership with DoorDash. 

Sorensen also confirmed they did not have to furlough or lay off one employee during the entire course of the pandemic. He said the only employees who left did so on their own accord. 

As of now, the store is operating on all cylinders, with more goals for the future. 

Sorensen said an independently operated ice cream parlor would open in the Fall inside Port of Subs. He said he wants more students to come back to Rexburg before that happens. 

The store now is operating Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. as well as on DoorDash for delivery.