Harry Potter fans, Star Wars fans, comic book readers, and general pop culture fans are getting excited for the Snake River Comic Con coming to Pocatello this year.

Tanglwyst de Holloway, one of the owners for Snake River Comic Con, says it's about time this area has a Comic Con Convention.

"Pocatello doesn't have anything even remotely like this," said de Holloway. "In fact, the last fan convention was one in the 80's. That means there is an entire generation or two that has never actually had a convention here locally. That says right there, there is a need for this and that's why we wanted to do this."

John Farmer, another owner of Snake River Comic Con, says attendees can expect various things at the exhibition, including a rock concert, burlesque show, a rave, a nerf gun war, a costume contest, and much more.

"And a whole lot of people having a whole lot of fun in lots of costumes," said Farmer.

The Snake River Comic Con is the same weekend as the LDS General Conference, so in one room, they'll even broadcast the sessions.

"We know the area," said Farmer. "Eastern Idaho to Northern Utah, there are a lot of LDS here and we want to make sure they feel like they can come and still be Mormon."

Helen Might, Chair Person for Snake River Comic Con, says there are a total of 3,000 tickets available so you want to get your tickets early.

"We literally have had people jumping up and down they are so excited," said Might. "It's really a fantastic response we've received."

The Snake River Comic Con is September 29 through October 1 this year at the Red Lion Hotel, Clarion Inn, and Mountain View Event Center in Pocatello.

For more information and to register, go to snakerivercomiccon.com.