You would think that telling the difference between a pirate and a pilot would be easy. But surprisingly, to young Fredrick, he would get the two mixed up and end up on a wild journey in becoming the pirate king. If becoming a pirate wasn’t surprising enough, finding out your birthday was not the day you thought it was can be quite the discovery as well. You can join Fredrick on his journey with BYU-Idaho’s production of “Pirates of Penzance.”

The Music Department, the Theater Department, and the Dance Department are teaming up to put on this production. Around 100 students have brought their talents together, to put hundreds of hours into the show. The “Pirates of Penzance” is a comedic opera filled with entertainment.

Student Assistant Director Patrick Carlisle is one of two assistant directors who have put their efforts to help the show run. “This is the biggest production I have ever been a part of on campus,” he said. “There are music majors. There are theatre majors. We have a live orchestra. We have tons of technicians working on the show. Just the cast alone is about 25-30 people.”

Carlisle said the departments are all working well together.

Music isn’t the only focus of the show. The Dance Department and the Theatre Department are also involved with a team of technicians.

“We have a total of 50 lab hours that are required for the class that go into building and painting the set and hanging the lights and helping with the preset technical needs before the production even opens and begins,” said Matthew Dailey, who is a technician and one of the weapon’s masters in the play.

There is a lot of excitement throughout all three departments. A committee picks which show they do every semester. The committee, and all of those who are in show, said it’s an immersive experience for a show. There are “great themes you can pull from this musical and it can speak to anyone,” Dailey said.

If you are interested in going, tickets are on sale. The first show is tomorrow and is also going on March 22nd through the 30th. For students its $3 and for the general public $6. No children under six are allowed and please come in event dress.