Paul Cardall, an LDS Pianist, is about to release a new album titled "A New Creation" being his 21st album he has produced in his career. "A New Creation" has a bit of a twist to it, especially with one specific track, "One by One."

While performing at a fall social for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Cardall was approached by Elder David A. Bednar to write a song he had inside him with a specific phrase that kept going through Bednars mind.

After two years and multiple experiences with meeting Elder Bednar, he came to know of the reality of the calling Elder Bednar had. The song has mention to multiple instances where the savior took the time and reach out to people individually as well as when he took the time to allow the Nephite people to feel his wounds when he visited the Americas as the resurrected Lord.

Cardall explained that the timing to meet Elder Bednar was right when he needed it after going through some very personal trials in his life.

He says "One by One" is "more than a song. It was really something sacred and special and just reaffirmed things I already knew to be true."

Cardalls music can be found on Pandora, Itunes, Google Play and Amazon Music. His latest album "A New Creation" will be released September 16, 2016 on Itunes.