Dallyn Bayles

The annual Patriots and Pioneers Concert will be held on June 30 at BYU-Idaho. This year’s concert features the university’s bands choirs and special guest Dallin Bayless.

Bayless is from Green River, Utah and has done a little bit of everything from recording music and performing on Broadway, to acting in LDS films and even teaching seminary and musical theater at Brigham Young University.

Bayless says he’ll sing some of his more popular renditions at the concert like "Savior, Redeemer, of My Soul" and "Bring Him Home." He’ll also share stories of some of the pioneers in his family.

“This is going to be kind of special because I had an opportunity to contribute to the script and share with them some stories of my pioneer ancestors and from their journals. So I have an opportunity to... they took that and went with it and so I’m going to be narrating that and sharing songs that touch on their experiences and what happened with them.”

 Bayless says he’s excited to be on stage with the music students here at BYU-Idaho and for the chance to perform in the BYU-Idaho Center.

 “The talent level here is incredible. Some amazing musicians, dancers, singers, that are just top of the line and it’s a privilege to be able to work with them. It’s a really beautiful program… have you ever performed in the I-Center before?  No! This is my first time at the I-Center! My first time here was about a year ago I came here it was just in the music building in a recital hall. I had the opportunity to tour and see the I-Center, which just blew my mind. It’s just a beautiful, beautiful center. But this is my first time to be able to be there and perform so I’m really excited.” 

 Doctor Randall Kempton is the director of Choral Activities at BYU-Idaho and he says more than 200 students will participate in the performance and that they’ve worked really hard.

 “The preparation began back at the beginning of the semester but we’ve been really working hard for the past 6 weeks.”

 The Patriots and Pioneers Concert began back in 2010 and Kempton says it’s become an annual family tradition for many people.

 “Most of the time the people who come just come back every year. They make it a family tradition. some people come here instead of salt lake because it’s closer and they like it just as well as the tabernacle choir puts on down in salt lake.”

 The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. on June 30 at the BYU-Idaho Center. Complimentary tickets are available for veterans, service members and their families.  Just call University Relations at 208-496-2000.

Tickets for the general public are $6 and $3 for BYU-Idaho students. You can get them at the ticket office in the bookstore or online at tickets.byui.edu.

The show will be also be streamed live on the BYU-I Centerstage webstite