The Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Department has launched a new volunteer program, along with a park and field adoption system, for individuals and groups to help beautify the parks in the community as a countermeasure to a labor shortage being faced by many government departments and industries.  

Through the programs, residents can devote their time to helping clean parks and fields in their communities. They can also be a resource to fellow park-goers through monthly educational courses that teach planting and trimming techniques and the history of the parks so volunteers can answer questions.  

"We've opened up the programs for people to start adopting,” said Renee Buchan, the special event and volunteer coordinator for Idaho Falls Parks and Recreation Department. “We have a GIS (geographic information system) mapping system that people can access from our website and that will show them different parks that are available for adoption.” 

Those who volunteer as park stewards will be caretakers who work independently in an area of their favorite parks, while individuals or groups who adopt a park will be expected to help out at least one day a month by cleaning up trash and helping with specialized repairs.  

You can volunteer here