BYU-Idaho Radio · BYU-Idaho hosts a contemporary dance performance about Peter Pan

You may think you know the full story of Peter Pan, but SALT contemporary dancers, community, and BYU-Idaho dancers plan to surprise you with the “untold story” of the classic character in PAN, a contemporary dance show.  A mix of SALT professional dancers, dancers from the Rexburg community who auditioned, and BYU-Idaho dancers all practiced for the semester's final show of BYU-Idaho Center Stage. The dance will take place outside the David O. McKay Library. 

“It’s a program that is really designed and built to be an outdoor program,” said Dale Hillier, a BYU-Idaho Center Stage coordinator. 

Dancers worked six to seven hours every day to make sure the performance was up to their own high standards. Separated into groups of mermaids, pirates, the Lost Boys, and more, they worked these long hours on each individual part that make up the whole of the performance.  

“Center Stage really has brought (in the past) such high-quality performances and we want people to know that BYU-Idaho is a place to go for top-quality entertainment,” said Amy Baldauf, another BYU-Idaho Center Stage coordinator. 

“PAN” will only show tonight and tomorrow night at 8:00 p.m. at the McKay Library quad. Tickets are $10, they can be purchased online here or at the entrance.