Rexburg Rescue Run is a half marathon/10k/5k and kids mile event taking place in Rexburg this weekend 
on September 7, to benefit Operation Underground Railroad in the fight against human trafficking. 

The race was formerly operated by a separate group of O.U.R. volunteers and was called the ‘Race to Break the Chain.’ Josh Murray, the new race director was a former participant and when he realized the old race was being discontinued, he said he knew he wanted to help out. 

After contemplating and talking with my wife for a little bit, we decided that this was something that I could do,” Murray said. “I have always wanted to put on a race, but I really wanted to support this great cause as I came to know about it more.” 

The half marathon run begins at 8:00 a.m. with the other lengths beginning afterward in 30-minute increments. The starting line begins by Smith Park on the corner of 3rd E. and 1st N. and will end in the same location. 

The proceeds from this race will help fund future missions to rescue children involved in human trafficking and give aftercare to those who need it.  

“There was a lady that was rescued who needed some orthodontic care,” Murray said. “O.U.R. was able to fund raise money to help pay for the care that she needed.” 

The registration link is located on their Facebook page 

For those wanting to get involved by volunteering at the event, you can reach out via their Facebook page to get in touch with the volunteer coordinator. 

Tim Ballard is the founder of the organization O.U.R. and he formerly worked for the federal government before creating a non-profit rescue effort that has now aided children globally. You can read more information about the organization on their website.