There are many famous Mormons - Mitt Romney, Gladys Knight, Bryce Harper - but when it comes to a famous Mormon family, the Osmonds would have to be number one.

While they grew to fame in the 1970s, Donny and Marie still have a successful show in Las Vegas. Yet, students at BYU-Idaho seem to only have a vague idea of who they are. Sophia Osmond is a student at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, and the daughter of the youngest of the original famous Osmonds, Jimmy.

Because the Osmond family lived their religion as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Sophia says her family took the opportunity to share the gospel with other famous people like Michael Jackson.

"My dad is such a humble guy, I have to pry stories, he produced MJs tour in japan and spent a lot of time with him on a plane with his pet monkey bubbles," Sophia said. "In all the time they spent together Michael asked him how they kept their family together, and my dad was able to share that it's really the church and we focus a lot on family and living right and doing what you believe."

Not only did the Osmonds share the gospel with the King of Rock, but also with the Queen of England. The family has had many opportunities to do command performances for the queen, and Sophia's grandma Olive was always there to share her gift with performers.

"After they had performed, the queen was going through and shaking all of their hands, and when they got to my grandma she pulled a Book of Mormon out of her trench coat," Sophia said. "But they didn't know what she was pulling out and all the guards jumped on her thinking it was a weapon, but she just gave the queen a Book of Mormon and (said), 'This is the most prized possessions I have and I want to share it with you.'"

The Osmond's recently performed for the queen again, and she was happy to tell them she kept the book and was appreciative of that gesture so long ago. Sophia says missionary work has been the driving force that has kept her family rooted in the gospel.