Jason Weaver’s passion for marketing is clearly evident   

That could be easily observed when the online marketing consultant and author of “FIX Marketer,” spoke recently with BYU-Idaho Radio in an interview. In that interview, he discussed his marketing strategies and how he feels he can help businesses grow. 

FIX is an acronym that stands for “Framework, Identity, and X-Factor.” It’s Weaver’s original philosophy, and he described how to implement the three factors for any business’s online presence. 

Along with his 7-step plan, the book is the culmination of both experience and ingenuity in the marketing field. 

Weaver first gained his passion for marketing while attending BYU-Idaho about 10 years ago—a passion which is alive and well today. 

“I really love helping the small business owner,” he said. “I understand the journey customers are taking when they’re looking online, what they’re looking for. I just apply their identity, the X-Factors, [and] a couple different things from their industry and they have success.” 

He described himself as an outside-the-box thinker in online marketing. His passion for the niche field has led to natural creativity, which he applies to the work he does with local businesses. 

In explaining where he begins when working with a client, he said he tries to establish a new framework of thinking for the business owner. “Most marketers start with an audit, but I’m more holistic,” Weaver said. 

Instead, he starts by analyzing the company’s online business reviews and creates plans to improve both the number and quality of those reviews. 

“I start all the way back on ‘what are your goals?’ And for my clients and in the book, you can see examples,” he said. “You have to decide ‘what are the key performance indicators that move the needle on your business?’” 

Weaver is extremely analytical and precise about measuring changes in online business traffic, hence the “key performance indicators.” Things like engagement rates and conversion factors are the measuring stick by which he determines the success of a given marketing method. 

After online business goals have been set and a system for improving business reviews is put in place, Weaver then moves on to things like Facebook and Google ads. 

He shared the experience of working with a carpet cleaning business out of Walla Walla, Washington. By simply adding individual “landing pages” for specific cities on the company’s website, Weaver said they were able to improve the website sale closing rate from 8% to 25%. 

He said success isn’t guaranteed but you are well on your way to success by implementing the principles he outlines in his book. 

“I don’t know who you are…and I don’t know if you’re going to take the time to read the book and comprehend it and apply it in a way that you need to, to be successful,” he said. “If you can just understand [your website visitors], then you can start taking action.”  

By visiting fixmarketer.com, you can chat about the book and marketing with the author. Mention you heard about it on BYU-Idaho Radio and you’ll get a free copy. 

Weaver’s marketing website is localwebmarketingsystem.com.