COVID-19 has placed a tremendous amount of stress on so many people, but a particular group of people that's most concerning are expectant mothers.

Prenatal and postpartum care are already stressful times for mothers and their partners, but COVID-19 has only complicated things.

But one online resource for expectant mothers could help with the load on their shoulders: an online birth class.

Julie Buck teaches the class through New Beginnings Wellness. Buck, of Idaho Falls, wanted to provide a source of support to this group of people in need.

Buck said that in-person birthing classes provide a great source of support to people, and without that, it's harder to feel more prepared about the day the baby comes.

"They're really missing the social interaction," Buck said. "Trying to help them feel support: that's what I see as an increased need right now."

The class teaches about everything from preparing for birth, breastfeeding, postpartum care and much more.

Buck said she's enjoyed supporting couples through this challenging time and help them feel like they aren't alone.

She also recognizes that there are many couples in need of support during the pandemic.

"I see couples seeking more support to help maneuver these uncertain times, and there are resources here," Buck said.

The next class is scheduled for June 18.

If you want additional information about the class, visit Buck's Facebook page.