Last month, Idaho State Police honored a Regional Communications Supervisor for helping authorities rescue a missing Idaho teenager.

RCS Delisa Orren, with Idaho State Police, received a report on April 16, 2020 about a missing girl. When she looked at the report, she felt there was more than it seemed.

"Some of the [wording] didn't quite feel right," Orren said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio.

BYU-Idaho Radio · Thoughts from an ISP Emergency Responder who Saved a Young Girl

After digging a little deeper and making a phone call for more information, Orren was able to pass the word along to other law enforcement officers to issue an Amber Alert for the girl.

Thanks to Orren's dedication, authorities were able to locate the vehicle they suspected the girl to be in within 24 hours.

California Highway Patrol officers arrested two men driving the missing girl and three other girls near Donner's Pass, California.

The two suspects are charged with kidnapping and they may end up facing human trafficking charges.

The girls are now safe, thanks in part to the work of RCS Orren.

In her interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Orren said that sometimes we must trust our gut instinct.

"We go a lot on gut feeling, and we know we have a higher power that watches out for us," Orren said.

Orren also said she's grateful to work with Idaho State Police and for the training she's received.

"I'm just grateful to work for an agency where we get the training that we do," Orren said. "I'm very proud to be a dispatcher, especially for Idaho State Police."

Although sometimes we read about terrible things that happen to victims in situations like this, things don't always go that way.

Police also succeed in helping people out of tight spots, and what RCS Orren did for this girl is a great example of that.