Brother Greg Venema, Religious Education Assistant Department Chair at BYU-Idaho, addressed the campus of BYU-Idaho during the weekly devotional.

In his address he talked about his family and how we can have successful families and be good parents. He taught parenthood is the highest title we can receive.

He began his devotional by reading a quote by Julie Beck about how the LDS Church invests so much in its youth so they can be better mothers and fathers. Venema admitted he didn't prepare his whole life to be a parent.

He then shared an experience where he went to see a late night movie with some of his daughters and realized the movie was not what he expected. He attributed that experience to how parents make sacrifices for their children. He shared a quote by President David O. McKay on how "parenthood is next to Godhood."

"Some of your kids will have interests that you have and others won't, and so you might naturally do the things with the kids who like what you like and not spend a s much time with the kids who have other interests," said Venema in an interview. "Being interested in what they are interested in has been something that I've tried to work on."

Brother Venema addressed the importance of our church callings and how we all don't need to be leaders. He used 1 Corinthians 15:14-23 to illustrate the point that as members of the same church, each of our callings benefit the church and help it grow so long as we live in a way that strengthens our local wards and branches.

"I worry sometimes that we create and perpetuate the false idea that becoming like Christ can only happen as we labor outside the home," said Venema. "If this reasoning were true, and it's definitely not, very few people would ever qualify for exaltation in this life."

Brother Venema concluded his devotional with sharing his testimony about how true happiness is found through being where the Lord needs us and helping those whom the Lord needs us to help.

Listen to the devotional address and BYU-Idaho Radio's interview with him below. Click here to watch the video or read the transcript of the talk.