• Rexburg Tabernacle

    City of Rexburg Gears Up For Annual Thanksgiving Day Celebration

    "Music is so uplifting," Gwyn Harris, program director for the City of Rexburg' Thanksgiving Day Celebration, told BYU-Idaho Radio. "I just think that there's just an opportunity for people to feel something special coming to this program."

  • Ski Idaho Logo

    Ski Idaho Lets 5th and 6th Graders Hit the Slopes for Free

    "Skiing and snowboarding is super important for children to learn," Tony Harrison, publicist for the Idaho Ski Areas Association, told BYU-Idaho Radio. "During the winter, it can be pretty challenging for parents to find things to keep their kids active and fifth and sixth graders are at a crucial age in their development where they're choosing healthy lifestyle activities including...skiing and snowboarding."

  • The National Parks Return to BYU-Idaho

    "A song for me starts off as like an idea that happened to me personally," Parks said. "To watch it grow, to watch it affect others is something like I can't even comprehend and I'm super grateful for."

  • We Are Culture Crew Logo

    Musicians Prepare to Rock the Block in Rexburg Back to School Event

    "The one thing I love about Rexburg, I also have experienced this at other Mormon schools like BYU in Provo, is you get all these different cultures...all these different types of people from different states and different, even countries, and they all come to this little town with one common goal."

  • Rexburg for Refugees Logo

    Local Charity Goes to Work for Hurricane Harvey Victims

    Thousands of miles away from the destruction and flooding of Hurricane Harvey, a local charity is going to work collecting donations to send to the victims of the storm.