• Rexburg Tabernacle

    Events at The Venues in Rexburg

    Jackie Rawlins talks about events happening in the Rexburg Tabernacle and Romace Theater. Including $1.50 movies, a local band night and a multimedia concert from the Rexburg Tabernacle Orchestra.

  • income statement flyer

    Income Statement With a Kiss On the Cheek, an Interview With Orlando Kelm

    Orlando Kelm gave a forum at BYU-Idaho today about how to communicate in a business setting with people in other countries.

  • Fandango! Group

    Fandango! An Interview With BYU-Idaho Radio

    Denis Azabagic and David Cunliffe of Fandango! talk about how their group started and the music they play.

  • The new Ashton Church at night

    "Loaves and Fishes" Ashton United Methodist Thanks Community

    Reverand Desi Larson and Board of Trustee member Jack Baird talk about the "Loaves and fishes" community dinner. The dinner is a thank you to the community for helping them rebuild their roof.

  • A man helps a girl to use a white cane

    National White Cane Awareness Day

    Monday, Oct. 15 is National White Cane Awareness Day, a day to recognize the importance of the white cane in helping blind people move freely and safely in the community. Photo Courtesy: National Federation of the Blind